Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Car Insurance For Women- Can Specialist Sites Offer Better Rates?

Car Insurance For Women- Can Specialist Sites Offer Better Rates? by Karl Bantleman

In recent years, many of the UK’s top insurers have released specialist insurers for women. They promise to reduce insurance costs and give women an overall better deal that, in some cases this is true and these specialist insurers provide women with extra benefits that they would not get with other insurers. The important thing to remember for women is that there may be a better offer with a non-specialist insurer

Specialist car insurance companies for women have had great success and the main reason for this is their ability to offer women better deals then the other non specialist companies. Statistically, women are safer drivers and are involved in accidents a considerable amount less then their male counterparts; this is the main reason why these companies can offer lower premiums for women.

However, it is not always the case that these specialist insurers can offer cheap car insurance quotes. Therefore, it is vital that women shop around to find the best deal for them, as well as having the benefits required, which is where the specialists come in. Companies like Sheila’s Wheels can offer women cover of up to £300 on handbag theft and added benefits like this is what gives these types of companies a competitive advantage. In the past, the consumer got roped in by excellent marketing campaigns (men and women alike!) but now consumers are better informed and are now able to look deeper into what the offer really consists of.

Women do not mind paying a little extra if the deal can give them what they need. Whilst the non-specialist and specialist insurers go head-to-head, they need to make sure that they both offer their customers competitive car insurance quotes, in order for them to compete

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