Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Protect Your Alloys And Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums

Protect Your Alloys And Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums by Lucky Seven

The wheels, made from an alloy of magnesium and aluminium metals, differ from regular steel wheels because they are lighter and can improve the steering and speed of a car. They are also better heat conductors, which reduces the risk of brake failure and visually they are more attractive.

These features have made them hot property on the black market, and theft of alloy wheels is costing motorists thousands every year.

Most motorists would make a car insurance claim to cover the cost of stolen alloys. However, this too can prove expensive – particularly if you have a high excess. It will also wipe out part or all of your no-claims bonus, which will lead to more expensive car insurance premiums in the long run.

So what can you do to protect them?

The first step is to equip your car with a good immobiliser if it doesn’t have one already. Contact your car insurer and ask what system they recommend – fitting an immobiliser can help you secure cheap car insurance premiums as well as protecting your vehicle.

From there, wheel protection is the key. Locking wheel nuts are a good start but research suggests that thieves are finding ways past this problem.

With that in mind you should look for ultra-locking wheel nuts. As an exmaple, McGard ultra locking wheel nuts are available from Exclusive Training and cost in the region of £35.

Adding alloy wheels to a vehicle will almost certainly hike your car insurance premiums, due to their popularity. However, taking measures to protect them can help you secure cheap car insurance and peace of mind.

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